Art and creativity, the visuals talk

The colors speak; The combination of colors and the contrast of colors always transmit some message. The communication through images is far more effective than the language of words. This is what, we always come across, very common compliments about the images and photographs and color designs and about designs in general.

Art and Creativity

The digital world is full of visuals and every time you look across the social media, something before the video (which is all, moving images) that attracts us is most, are the images and designs.

What is so special about the design and what makes the design so communicative and impressive, that it speaks more loudly than words and creates a long lasting impression? The designing is basic element and we design before we color it. The nature gives us knowledge of the design, as the foundation of whole Universe and colors are the post-design tasks, even in the immaculate scheme of the Universe.

Designing in the Creativity

Designing in the advertising and in other industries in the modern world is executed through the computer, after we conceive it in our mind. We find the word “designer made “all around us and every time, when we look for the value of money. When are out to buy something elegant, something unique, out of the box, we end up finding something designed and the price of product directly proportionate to the fame of the designer, who is the maker of the item.

Fashion and Shopping

We always come across the terms like, x designer’s dress, designer’s furniture, and designer’s jewelry, even the houses designed by some particular architect. The word designer and design, if it is attached to your name, it means you are selling luxury and you are the blue-eyed seller for high class elite. This is not only the marketing myth but also the elegance and thoughts that we add to the product and thus, we make it more glamorous, more articulate, more high-tech, luxurious and more costly.

Designing on Dresses

The designing is not confined to dresses, jewelry and furniture only but it is the basic element and foundation in almost every industrial product, if we talk about cars and brands like porches and products like rolls Royce and even the manufacturers of Boeing planes, all need designers.The dimensions and elegance of a design should first of all, comply with the mechanics of product; any elegant design that doesn’t provide the conduciveness and compatibility of the operation could become a disaster at some point. Concord airplane is one example.
Logo of Nike

The design of an ad even if it carries few strokes gives the complete impression of brand and eventually determines the positioning of the brand in the market. In advertising the packaging design of the various FMCG products is crucially important for brand building and acquiring market share and equity.

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza