Different Famous Brands in Pakistan

Like every part of the world, the concept of brands is very strong in Pakistan as well, from FMCG to clothing brands and from mobile handsets to other home appliances, one can see brands all around. Before discussing further about different brands in Pakistan let us discuss the definition of brand.

What is a brand?

Any consumer product, after sizeable promotion for certain time gets its position established in specific category and among the consumer base is called Brand. The growing recognition of the brand and its popularity makes it very prominent and it becomes more of a brand. To define brand further, we can discuss the case of black tea, if we visit some wholesale market and we can see the heaps of lose black tea in huge jars and it is sold in variety of weight, we may buy 100kg or 1 kg. If the same tea with smart packaging, fluorescent colors and aesthetically placed in foil material, this would definitely be brand. Either a popular or unpopular brand, but one major sign of FMCG brand is that it is sold in small unit sizes. The price of the black tea in smart packaging would be double than the one available from wholesale market. It would not be irrelevant to mention the popular brands of black tea in Pakistan, like Lipton Tea, Tapal tea, Vital Tea and some other regional brands.

This is very interesting to note here, that the Lipton Tea and Supreme Tea are the oldest and most established international brands in Pakistan. However since few years some regional and universal local (Pakistan made) brands are giving tough time to Lipton and Supreme tea, various regions and in entire Pakistan as well, those local brands are furiously acquiring territories and are increasing their market share.

Pakistan is 4th largest milk producer in the world.

In certain categories, there is tough competition among the local and international brands, mostly in the areas of FMCG brands. Like in pasteurized milk, the most popular brand is Milkpak (a brand of Nestle), many local brands have tried to get some market share but only few have succeeded to get a respectable market position. As mentioned in the title, Pakistan is forth-largest milk producer in the world, which means that Pakistan is capable of exporting a sizeable quantity of milk across the globe. However, the local market needs are high and milk is a daily-use product and is sold in various forms and is used for certain byproducts. Live stock another asset of Pakistan collectively with milk industry ads a huge share in the GDP of Pakistan.

The battle of packed milk and loose milk is very interesting and the milkman is blamed allegedly selling unhygienic milk to a vast majority of customers and that is how he is still considered as major threat to the multinationals like Nestle Pakistan, Olpers Pakistan and other branded milk sellers. The debate about powder milk and liquid milk is very hot issue for the milk sellers. Most recently the Tea whitener industry (Every day tea whitener) have claimed to be the finest powder milk for best tea and have claimed to be the most extensively used brand for making tea in Pakistan. In other words, everyday tea whitener is promoting itself as a finest alternative of liquid milk. Historically, the consumers in Pakistan were always using liquid milk to make tea and this trend is changing, especially in metros and people are switching from liquid milk to powder milk to make black Tea.

Written By : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza