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The Objective


A rapid growth is observed in the last decade of home appliances industry which attracted the local and foreign industrialists to invest in this fast paced growing industry. Rise in demand of the appliances in the country has created a competitive environment in terms of the better technology. Canon Home Appliances started its operations in 1972 has gained the major share in the market. With the latest mode of technology and setting the high standards for the quality in home appliances, canon marked itself a leading brand in the country.


The Challenge


In the contemporary world, technology sector is improving and changing day by day due to the high level of research to fulfill the needs of the specific targeted market, Canon home appliances introduced a new geyser with technology of the dual ignition power which was one of its kinds in the appliances industry of Pakistan. The geyser ignition system was based on the battery cells and the main electricity keeping in mind the actual energy situation of the country. The main challenge was to aware the audience with the new advanced feature of the geyser which was now added in the geyser range of the canon appliances.


The Strategy


Taking into consideration the new feature of the product and the energy situation of the country we decided to go with the product approach in which we have clearly mentioned the features of the product. So by this approach we have to show the daily usage of the geyser in a house so we decide to aboard the characters in term of showing the usage. Kirantabir, Abdullah Hussain and Afaf (child star) the emerging actor and actresses with the huge fan following endorsed our brand. By the launched campaign the Brand image and the Brand positioning were enhanced resulting in achieving the better ROI for the company.


Our Experience

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