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The Glimpse of Elegance, How we launched the star sparkling collection. Each glint taking on an exceptional depth.


The Objective

The Objective

The market grows with the increasing demand. The market of jewelry has been changed lately and more designers are stepping in the industry. From the conventional goldsmith shops to the contemporary jewelry design, the market has observed a paradigm shift. The designers in any industry have their basic aim to grow and it does not need to continue itself to one single outlet with its growth as a brand. It looks for capturing an extensive market with a universal strategy to increase its brand awareness and sales at the end. Geographically any brand would wish to expand universally and this is only possible when a conventional jewelry outlet wishes to become brand. In Pakistan`s market, many jewelry brands have established through extensive marketing communication, which they have excelled by emerging celebrities as their world. This client “Waseem Jewelry” is associated with us since 2018, for which complete brand relaunch was suggested to them. The objective of the relaunch was to compete with the market and coming at far with the leading brand. The image building, awareness and elevating the brand position was the primary and secondary objective relatively.


The Challenge

The Challenge

Jewelry as product in its essence is glamorous and glitzy, it has certain intrinsic values. Those cannot be highlighted without use of suspected imagination and a creative outlined idea. We were supposed to ensure the state or the art of execution as well. The level of competition as discussed in the objectives was very high and the budget restriction was always there for an outstanding quality campaign development. With all the odds, our creative department had started working on the ideas. The idea mutually finalized was conceived on the basis of solo model in order to intact focus on variety of the jewelry.


The ‘Aha’ Moment

Aha Moment

The idea mutually finalized was conceived on the basis of solo model in order to intact focus on variety of the jewelry.


The Strategy

The strategy

By focusing on the objective of elevating the brand position and shifting the paradigm from the conventional goldsmith to the most outstanding jewelry brand, we built the strategy of “Waseem Jewelry”. By infusing the criteria of the modern market, in which the audience is penchant towards the celebrity signature and glam. We engaged the celebrity, Sara Ali Khan, to whom the audience of the market, could relate. Their desire for the richness could evolve and be attracted to the antiquity of the jewelry. Our strategy was executed, by crafting the trend in the form of TV commercial, in which the perfection reflected in brand of “Waseem Jewelers”. We as an advertising agency, tried our best to boost “Waseem Jewelry” as the best designer jewelry brand in Pakistan.


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